The MBC chargers enable battery charging from an AC voltage supply source (genset, public grid, shorepower, etc.). These chargers are also watertight (IP65), and therefore, especially designed for outdoor applications.

                              Input voltage [Vac]                 Output current [A] MBC 12-06/1     230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)                      6
MBC 12-15/1     230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)                       15
MBC 24-03/1     230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)                      3
MBC 24-08/1     230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)                      8
MBC 24-15/1     230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)                      15


A series of products allowing for system capacities from 0.5kVA to 72kVA that allow for the optimal use of available energy, either as an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, or support to an AC source. The Xtender is a high-tech device and a key player in the management of an energy system.

The Xtender series is comprised of three groups by power level corresponding to the XTS, XTM and XTH models. Whether configured individually, in parallel, split-phase, or three-phase, these devices allow for complete flexibility with respect to the desired energy system concept.

With its sophisticated software, the Xtender can be used in a wide range of applications. The Xtender series products are ideal devices for specific markets that need revolutionary solutions with all types of battery technologies.


Buffer DC power supply units are designed for direct loads supply and simultaneous charging stationary batteries of VRLA or open types.  They are designed and built with the employment of switch mode technology, so they feature excellent dynamic characteristics and high output parameters.

                           Input  [Vac]                Output [Vdc]    Output [A] LP24/20     230 ±15 % (50 – 60 Hz)            24                    20
LP24/30     230 ±15 % (50 – 60 Hz)            24                    30
LP24/50     230 ±15 % (50 – 60 Hz)            24                    50

Hleðslutæki í báta. DNV-vottað


Dedicated to commercial and offshore market
Type-approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) – Available January 2015
DOLPHIN PRO HD+ will be delivered with its Touchview display as a standard, measuring AMP/VOLT of battery charger, showing charging mode and alarms (temperature, fuse, battery)
The HMI touchscreen control panel is a real innovation in the battery charger environment
Using built-in CAN BUS J1939 interface, the DOLPHIN PRO HD+ can be connected to any monitoring system
Built-in alarm relay is included for remote alarm system
Conformal coating of the PCB to prolong the life of the battery charger
Compatible with MARBLE Automation NL (approved oct 2014)