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Project Description

Aukahlutir rafgeyma og 12-48 Vdc kerfa

Battery splitters 12-24V, MBI series


The MBI MOSFET battery splitters supply current from the charger or alternator to several batteries. They generate an insignificant voltage drop. All batteries are thus charged at the same time, and therefore will not charge or discharge each other.

Features and performances

  • Automatic adjustment to the batteries voltage
  • Possible charge of the battery from an alternator
  • Voltage drop < 0.4 V at 100 Amp
  • Suitable for electronic alternators
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Battery separators 12-24V, MBR series


The MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled. They first charge the main battery, from a charger or an alternator, then the other batteries by connecting them in parallel.

Features and performances

  • Insignificant voltage drop
  • Protects the auxiliary battery from any overvoltage
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Battery protection, MBW series 12-24V


The battery watch protects the battery from an excessive discharge and also protects users, in case of overvoltage.

Features and performances

  • Programming of the connection and disconnection voltages by jumpers
  • MOSFET switches, therefore no sparks
  • Alarm output to indicate excessive voltage drops
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Battery monitor, SBM-02 12-24V


The SBM-02 is a highly accurate battery monitor. It is supplied together with a 500A/50mV shunt. This device is designed for 12 and 24V batteries. The optional voltage pre-scaler SBM-PS-02 extends the use of the SBM-02 to 27-175V batteries.

Features and performances

Digital display of the 6 most important parameters of a DC power system :

  • Battery voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Consumed Ampere-hours (Ah)
  • State-of-charge (%)
  • Time-to-go (h:m)
  • Temperature (°C or °F)
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